Understanding the Causes of Sensitive Teeth Can Help Reverse It

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Are you looking for the cause of your sensitive teeth? If so, we can help you! Our dental team with one of our dentists, Dr. E. Morgan Scheiber andDr. Rochelle Akradi with E. Morgan Scheiber & Associates in Plymouth, Massachusetts, understands many aspects of your oral health and is happy to help you find the causes to your sensitive teeth.

Something as familiar as a cracked or fractured tooth can cause sensitive teeth. Tooth decay is another possibility as to why your teeth hurt at times. Tooth decay is another common factor because it eats away the enamel of your teeth, exposing the nerves or root of the teeth and could be causing you pain.

One of the ideal reasons for sensitive teeth includes brushing too hard. If you brush hard with tough bristles, then you could be scratching away your tooth enamel slowly each day. This can lead to aching sensitivity. Another common reason could be poor oral hygiene habits. If you do not brush and floss as you should, you are leaving your teeth exposed to bacteria and plaque that plague your oral health.

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