A Dental Crown Restoration to Treat a Tooth with a Missing Filling

If you sometimes struggle to maintain a consistent daily oral hygiene routine the excess bacterial matter in your mouth could lead to a buildup of plaque acids. Over time the persistent acidic environment in your mouth could start to demineralize your tooth enamel. This can increase your chances of suffering from a new cavity or… Read more »

Dental Findings on Dental Bonding

  Oral accidents and injuries can arise at any time. However, they must be treated as soon as they are found. If left untreated, further damage can occur to a tooth. This could potentially lead to tooth loss. As long as an infection in your inner tooth has not yet occurred, dental bonding treatments are… Read more »

Teach Your Smile About Dental Bridges

Is your oral health care progressing as you hoped it would? If not, it is essential to make sure you are adding the necessary improvements to your teeth and gums whenever possible. Furthermore, it is essential to make sure that all teeth are accounted for, and if you do suffer from any missing teeth, make… Read more »

Watching for Gum Disease When There Aren’t Signs

Luckily, most dental diseases come with warning signs. In the case of periodontal disease, the signs are usually red and tender gums. But what about when there are no warning signs? Are there still ways you can be on guard? Find out more information by reading on below, and feel free to ask us any… Read more »

Talk to Your Dentist About Tooth Hazard Warning Signs

  It’s a good idea to think of all the ways that you can prove your oral health care. One of the key things you can do for improving your overall health is to think about tooth hazards in your life and make the necessary changes to prevent any dental damage from occurring. Because oral… Read more »

Oral Cancer Symptoms Need to Be Brought to Your Dentists Attention

The American Dental Association Recommends that you have a routine dental exam and cleaning performed twice each year at a dental clinic like E. Morgan Scheiber & Associates. This outpatient appointment is designed to clean bacterial deposits from your teeth and polish away any minor dental stains. The examination portion of the checkup is designed… Read more »

Your Holiday Smile Checklist

Do you want a healthy, strong, and beautiful holiday smile? If so, our dentist, Dr. E. Morgan Scheiber, is more than happy to help you! At E. Morgan Scheiber & Associates, we believe you deserve the best smile and oral health possible. Unfortunately, there are many things during the holidays that can potentially harm your… Read more »

A Dental Crown That Feels Loose Needs to Be Examined by Your Dentist

Here at E. Morgan Scheiber & Associates dental crowns are securely cemented onto the anchoring abutment with a very strong dental adhesive. This is meant to mimic the same structural integrity you enjoyed in the original tooth. Unfortunately, there are still some rare instances when this dental adhesive can be compromised, causing a dental crown… Read more »

A Composite Resin Dental Filling Might Be Necessary for Treating a Small Cavity on a Front Tooth

The teeth in the front of your mouth play a variety of roles in your basic oral function. Not only do these teeth help you bite off pieces of food, they also help to form certain syllables, and appear in several important facial expressions. If you suspect a cavity has developed on one of your… Read more »

Is Your Mouth Feeling Dry? Here’s Why and How to Treat It

Having a dry mouth is quite the inconvenience, especially because it seems like you can’t quite quench your thirst and fully moisten your mouth. Little did you know, there might be a little more to it. In fact, you might be suffering from the health condition Dry Mouth. Dry mouth is a condition that involves… Read more »