Oral Cancer Symptoms Need to Be Brought to Your Dentists Attention

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The American Dental Association Recommends that you have a routine dental exam and cleaning performed twice each year at a dental clinic like E. Morgan Scheiber & Associates. This outpatient appointment is designed to clean bacterial deposits from your teeth and polish away any minor dental stains. The examination portion of the checkup is designed to detect early signs of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other oral health conditions.

This includes a preliminary screening for early signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer. Early detection of these serious oral health maladies can significantly impact treatment success rates.

The University of Rochester Medical Center reports that the 5-year relative survival rates for oral and pharyngeal cancer are 83% for cancer that has not spread to other parts of the body. However, success rates drop to 62% if the cancer spreads to nearby lymph nodes.

If you are experiencing any early symptoms of oral or pharyngeal cancer you should strongly consider scheduling an exam with Dr. E. Morgan Scheiber.

This includes a lingering pain in your mouth, as well as swelling, or a lump in your cheek, or gums. Also, red, or white areas on your gums, tongue, or tonsils should also be concerning. Initial symptoms of pharyngeal cancer might also involve a persistent sore throat, or a feeling like something is stuck at the back of your throat. This often causes discomfort when swallowing.

These cancers can also sometimes cause flu-like symptoms, which might include respiratory distress, a low-grade fever, inflammation, body aches, and joint pain.

If you live in the Plymouth, Massachusetts, area, and you have concerns about oral or pharyngeal cancer, you should call 508-746-4033 to schedule a checkup and screening at E. Morgan Scheiber & Associates.