Dental Bonding Therapy for Healing Smiles

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Did you know that dental bonding therapy can heal smiles? Dental bonding therapy is designed to improve the look and function of your smile by covering up and concealing problematic areas as well as fixing and patching any holes that may exist within your tooth enamel. If your teeth have been damaged due to an oral accident or from harmful acids that have eaten away at your tooth enamel, dental bonding can help.

Dental bonding works by applying a small amount of porcelain or resin to the problematic area of a tooth for a permanent seal that will prevent further damage and bacteria from entering the tooth and causing infections. A single dental bonding treatment will effectively last for over a decade.

When harmful acids eat through the tooth enamel, a hole appears called a cavity. If left untreated, a cavity in a tooth can allow harmful bacteria to enter the tooth and cause infection. This could lead to necessary root canal therapy or even tooth extractions. For more information, contact your dentist today at E. Morgan Scheiber & Associates.

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