Content Smiles: Dentures

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If you are looking for a reliable tooth prosthetic to replace any lost or missing teeth you may have, there are several options available to you. However, dentures have come a long way in modern dentistry and can be contoured and crafted to easily fit into your mouth as needed. Because they are removable, they can be easily detached and cleaned as needed. This can be highly effective for making sure they continue to function as necessary. Furthermore, dentures can be crafted for as little as a single tooth or for entire rows of teeth to ensure your oral health care needs are met should you require tooth prosthetic devices.

It is important to make sure that you continue to care for your dentures, so they can continue to care for you. This includes making sure they are cleaned on a daily basis. Modern dentures are easily removed for nightly cleanings. This can be beneficial to ensure that no contamination with bacteria can linger behind on them. Always make sure to soak them in a denture cleaning solution, as leaving them out to dry can cause them to crack and dry out completely. However, always avoid using hot water, teeth whiteners, bleach, or any other potential abrasive cleaning materials on them.

When removing your dentures, rinse off any residue behind from the cleaning solution before replacing them back into your mouth. Be aware that they are fragile, though so handle them with care, as dropping them can cause them to break. If for any reason they are damaged, do not continue to use them but instead visit our dentists for repairs.

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