A Composite Resin Dental Filling Might Be Necessary for Treating a Small Cavity on a Front Tooth

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The teeth in the front of your mouth play a variety of roles in your basic oral function. Not only do these teeth help you bite off pieces of food, they also help to form certain syllables, and appear in several important facial expressions.

If you suspect a cavity has developed on one of your front teeth, you should not delay in scheduling an appointment with a dentist like Dr. E. Morgan Scheiber. After examining the tooth he can help you understand the most effective treatment method. If the area of tooth decay is small, he might be able to repair it with a composite dental filling.

The treatment process starts with Dr. E. Morgan Scheiber numbing the tooth before using a drill to remove all the decayed tooth enamel. This will also involve prepare a surface sufficient for bonding the dental filling material.

Composite dental fillings are created from a special plastic material. It can be perfectly shaded to match the surrounding tooth enamel.

Once the filling material has been applied, Dr. E. Morgan Scheiber will use a special ultraviolet light to cure and adhere it to the surrounding tooth enamel. This will ensure a strong bond with the surrounding tooth enamel that lasts for years.

If you live in the Plymouth, Massachusetts, area, and you have a cavity on a tooth in the front of your mouth, you should call 508-746-4033 to have it treated by the dental specialists at E. Morgan Scheiber & Associates.